OSSC Routes & Riders

Key to the Straight A Transportation Grant is the cross-district scheduler component. The scheduler, called OSSC Routes & Riders, will create an opportunity to facilitate districts in transporting students within their district or from multiple districts on the same bus.

Users can access the application here – https://routesandriders.ohiossc.org/

To request user access to the application, district superintendents can click here – https://goo.gl/forms/IKCOBZoGArfJmKzh2

The application was developed in partnership with the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Ohio University, Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center and the Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs.

Main features of the scheduler app:

  • The app will work across mobile and desktop platforms. Users will be able to log-in using same credentials as district log-ins and servers.
  • Districts can use the app to manage and schedule their riders, routes and stop information.
  • The app is being developed to provide reporting and analysis of actual ridership. ZPass will be used to capture this data.
  • An algorithm is being developed to pull database information and allow scheduling from multiple fields including stop, route, trip or passenger. The algorithm will make route proposals and assignments, allowing users to edit and alter proposed routes.






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